No Mention of Germany in an Article about NATO?

First, let’s look at the story itself. ‘We haven’t done this … since the Cold War’: British troops are testing out old skills on the way to major NATO war games.

HOEK VAN HOLLAND, Netherlands (Reuters) – British troops disembarked in the Netherlands on Wednesday en route to Norway to test NATO’s ability to move personnel and armor quickly across Europe, an exercise officers said showed London’s commitment to European security after Brexit.

So the invasion of Crimea and the ongoing war in Ukraine have FINALLY convinced the leaders in Europe that maybe Russia is up to no-good. And so, War Games on their front step. Well, not quite.

But what caught my attention is the following paragraph.

Britain, which has the biggest defense budget in the EU and is rivaled for military capability only by France, is eager to show that despite its vote to leave the European Union it remains committed to Europe’s security.

Germany is participating in this exercise, but the German military – Bundeswehr – is in bad shape overall. Despite a budget surplus, low unemployment, Merkel’s government won’t spend money on defense.