Saturday Links

Instead of roundup of roundups, just a link roundup.

PJ Media notes Canadian Profs Claim STEM Promotes ‘Eurocentrism’ and ‘White Supremacy’. The Left won’t be happy until they destroy all of modern life.

Todd Starnes has a story of political censorship at a high-school football game at Harnett County, North Carolina. Boy Humiliated After School Orders Him to Remove Trump Jersey.

While Pirate’s Cove says the principal in that case was “replaced.” Principal Who Made Student Take Off Patriotic Trump Jersey Was Replaced

From the Barrel of a Gun has Civility. Two Trump stickers on the rear bumper of his truck got it torched.

Claire Wolfe’s Friday freedom question has to do with your preparations.

Gun Free Zone brings us a cartoon from Jake Fuller. Gainsville Sun refuses to a publish cartoon. Calls it “inappropiate.” It shows candidate Gillum as a puppet of Soros.

Victory Girls asks the following question: Fusion GPS Glenn Simpson Invokes The 5th To Avoid Testifying, What Is He Hiding?

Vodka Pundit points out that Kavanaugh Moves Another #NeverTrump to Don the MAGA Hat.

Weasel Zippers wants to know where is the Democratic condemnation of this act. Vandals Vandalized Republican Club In NYC, Spray Paints Anarchy Symbol On Doors, Leave Threat, ‘Attack Is Merely A Beginning’

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