Rolex Cup Sailing

Some of my sailing friends have nothing but disdain for the high-tech America’s Cup boats, so here is some classic sailing.

The Rolex Cup is actually a series of races. There are 2 classes of Maxi yachts, and a regatta of Swan boats. Maybe more. I don’t know if YouTube will complain about these non-music videos, but if it says the embedded videos aren’t available, use the links provided. (Do they even support embedding anymore, or do they just hate privacy?)

The video is of highlights of this year’s maxi racing, which finished up in September. It is a bit long at 8 minutes or so. (It isn’t one of the races I really follow.)

The Swan (a European manufacturer of sailboats) races included 3 classes that I know of: 50s, 42s and 45ft boats. This video is highlights from the 50s regatta.