Wednesday Links

First up is Midweek links from Claire Wolfe’s Living Freedom Blog.

  • Today cannabis becomes legal across Canada. Not easily gettable — yet. But legal.
  • They’ll also make it easier to get pardons for “crimes” involving simple possession. (How come they don’t just automatically wipe the convictions?)
  • The world’s tiniest republic began as an April Fools joke and has beer running from the water taps in its town square. (H/T MJR)

That’s just how she get’s started. Click the link above for more.

And also there is The Other McCain with In The Mailbox: 10.16.18. This begins as follows.

EBL: Sen. Claire McCaskill Thinks Her Constituents Are Rubes
Twitchy: Slate Tries To Rescue Fauxcahontas From Pouncing Conservatives, Faceplants Instead
Louder With Crowder: Top Ten Hilarious Reactions To Sen. Warren’s DNA Test Results

Hope the first half of your week went well.