I Bet You Didn’t Know US Taxpayers Underwrite Shipping From China

Because a 144 years ago, conditions were different. Trump launches process to quit 144-year-old postal treaty.

I would love to blame this on the Useless Nitwits at the Untied Nations, but they just took over the postal treaty.

Lower rates are designed to help poorer countries manage the costs.

But the White House said China – a major global exporter – is now the biggest beneficiary of that system

The BBC is not, quite, in full-fledged pearl-clutching mode with this article. (I wish they were.) But it is hard to paint a system that gives the worlds 2nd biggest economy a boost as fair. Giving a boost to truly poor countries I could see doing. But in typical UN fashion, there doesn’t seem to have been much effort to rationalize the rates, even though in theory they can be changed every 4 years. (I mean be fair. It’s only the US taxpayer, and what do the bureaucrats at the UN care about them?)

6 thoughts on “I Bet You Didn’t Know US Taxpayers Underwrite Shipping From China

  1. Why are we not playing on a level playing field with the world. If this occurs with one nation it is happening in others. This is because State and Commerce are a bunch of nimrods.


    • It is because no one wanted to upset the apple cart at the UN. In theory this could be “reviewed” every 4 years. It hasn’t been. It was set up in the 1800s and ignored since then


      • This is an entire “global” system. In theory rich countries support mail services from poor countries. (I think it was mostly so that postcards would make in home from that world trip.) And 144 years ago, China was on the receiving end. And it never changed.


      • My whole beef whith NATO – which predates Trump’s Presidency by about a decade – is that it is mostly a handout to Germany. France and England pull their own weight. Poland is a great ally. Germany, not so much.

        Germany has no working submarines (as of March this year, I haven’t checked lately). Germany doesn’t have enough rifles to outfit their entire infantry. (They were using black-painted broomsticks in a recent war game.) About half or more of German tanks are not operational. (I could go on.)

        I don’t want to end NATO – France, Poland, and the other countries do their bit – but if Germany isn’t interested in paying for their own defense, then I am not interested in having the American taxpayer foot the bill. (We could start by moving all of our bases, people and equipment to Poland. That is where the fighting will be, and Poland is willing to help foot the bill.)


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