Trooper Kevin Conner

End of watch. Flags lowered across NC to remember trooper killed on duty.

Conner stopped a white GMC pickup that was speeding on U.S. Highway 701 south of Whiteville. The truck pulled over near the intersection with Sellers Town Road, and when Conner approached the vehicle, someone inside fired multiple shots, hitting Conner in the face and the torso, authorities said.

There is a link to fund for his widow and two orphaned children at the story.

2 thoughts on “Trooper Kevin Conner

  1. For every bad cop there are a hundred who sacrifice their lives to protect the public. I see the media again gave no details about the man they apprehended. Guess I know what that means, but for once I’d like to be disappointed.


    • Everyone is free to their opinion. I grew up just outside of Chicago, and spent (or misspent) my youth partying in the clubs – some gay, some straight, some mixed – in the city. If a friend got bashed, the worst thing you could do is call the police. If – IF – they showed up, they were likely to make a bad situation worse.

      Slightly before my time you could buy your way out of just about any traffic ticket in Chicago for a small fee.

      Just recently, the cops in Chicago were shocked to discover that shaking down tow-truck drivers was illegal. (I mean be fair, they were all doing it.)

      That doesn’t touch on things in LA (Rampart) or NYC (ticket fixing) and it doesn’t stretch to the completely illegal stuff in Chicago – like Special Operations, which was shut down after members were found doing things like extortion and kidnapping.

      Are there good cops? Sure. I know a few. Do I give every cop I meet the benefit of the doubt? I’m not that stupid. A cop is a guy I don’t know with a gun, and lower than average chance of being held accountable for any bad behavior.


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