Right Wing Nut Job – OR – Barking Moon Bat?

The Left is blaming Trump and the Right. The Right is blaming the Left. All with no actual information. Bomb Hoaxes Achieve Goal of Inspiring Unsubstantiated Political Speculation.

The Other McCain pulls it apart much better than I can.

These were not actual bombs. There were no explosions. These “potentially destructive devices” were constructed to look dangerous, but obviously the person sending them did not want to kill their targets. This is in itself evidence of motive, pointing toward [it being False Flag].

The instances of false “hate crimes” on campuses is touched on, and the fact that the Left loves to blame Trump. (Unless it is good news, like the economy.)

If Clinton aides can rush to blame Trump without any evidence whatsoever, the floor is open to speculation, and Wednesday night, I called my brother Kirby to talk theories. He’s pretty good at this stuff, and he made two very insightful suggestions I’ll share here:

  1. It was the Kavanaugh confirmation that inspired the bomb-hoaxer, so about three weeks went into the preparation of this hoax.
  2. If this is a left-winger trying to frame Trump supporters, the perpetrator probably scrubbed their social-media profiles recently, to remove evidence of their political affiliation. They may even have fabricated a phony right-wing online presence, so that when they’re apprehended, the media will find a bunch of pro-Trump messages on their Facebook page, etc.

As they say, go read the whole thing.