What Happens When You Cut Cops on the Beat By a Third?

You could also ask what happens when a government isn’t focused on law and order? Cuts have left policing at risk of becoming irrelevant, MPs warn.

Public safety is supposed to be one of the main things a government focuses on. Or that’s what I always thought. But that isn’t where the UK has been concentrating its efforts.

Policing is at risk of becoming “irrelevant” as the number of officers on the beat is slashed and vast numbers of crimes go unsolved, a parliamentary report warns.

Recorded crime is up 32%. Charges/summonses are down 26%. Arrests are down. Fraud is virtually ignored.

It appears highly unlikely that more than one in 200 victims [of fraud] ever sees their perpetrator convicted,

Yet somehow the police in England find time to investigate charges of wrong-think. (Saying things that are not approved by the government.) Strange how they had the manpower to arrest Tommy Robinson. Or maybe it’s not so strange.

Funding is being blamed, as policing – at least beat cops – has been cut about 35% in the past few years.

The Telegraph has a similar story: Police ‘leaving families to fend for themselves’ amid fall in arrests.

Click on the image for bigger view. It is almost as if something changed in the UK in about 2013. It is one thing when both arrests and crime are going down, but when crime is going up, things are not as they were.

It comes amid growing concern that criminals are increasingly allowed to roam the streets without fear of being caught. Victims’ campaigners last night described the figures as “appalling”, and suggested many families no longer feel safe in their homes.

And of course the British are too “civilized” to permit people to defend themselves in their own homes.

So once again we can ask, what are they spending taxpayer’s money on aside from “Public safety?”

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  1. The UK doesn’t publish crime stats on a calendar-year basis, which is why their numbers appear “off.” But then I’m not sure if the final FBI Uniform Crime report for 2017 has been released yet. (Last I checked – a couple of weeks ago – only the preliminary numbers for 2017 were available.)


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