Roundup of Link Roundups

Freedom is Just Another Word starts us off with Gun News….

There many good links, but I like this one…

Washington Post Advice Columnist Gets it Right on Irrational Fear of School Shootings

These days the cynical adage “if it bleeds, it leads” seems as applicable to the news media as ever. This is all the more reason that Washington Post advice columnist Carolyn Hax should be applauded for a recent piece where she sought to quell her readers’ out-sized fears about school shootings. Titled, “Apply the empirical method to your school-shooting anxieties,”

And of course Pirate’s Cove has Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup. Which includes…

What is happening in Ye Olde Blogosphere? The Fine 15

  1. The Deplorable Climate Skeptic Blog discusses terror attacks and hate speech
  2. Adrienne’s Corner notes that Cesar Sayoc is suddenly a white guy, not a Native American
  3. Bizzy Blog covers a NY town rallying around an American flag mural
  4. Blazing Cat Fur discusses non-functioning bombs and double standards
  5. Chicks On The Right deep dives into the #WalkAway march
  6. Common Cents tells Conservatives to fly their American flags
  7. DC Clothesline has numbers on government dependency

And much more.

Maggie’s Farm has Saturday morning links, which begins as follows:

The truth behind Costco’s $5 rotisserie chicken

I never leave Costco without one

There is a medical site called Quackwatch

Michiganders want global warming.

UPDATE: I fixed the busted link, but you need to tell me these things.

Evil Blogger Lady disguises her roundup as World Series Game 4: Boston Red Sox, which not only has some thoughts on the referenced game, but includes links like the following.

  • Mark Steyn: Someday Your Prince Won’t Come (Leftists are pissed off at the Little Mermaid)
  • AoSHQ: Morning Report 10.26.18: Democrats: Your speech is violent, our violence is speech and Morning Report 10.22.18: Invasion of the Country Snatchers
  • Don Surber: Fact-Checker Lies

And more, including some rule-5 links.

Claire Wolfe has Weekend Links.

  • You soon may hack your DRM-locked software to repair or upgrade it. Whether you can hack it is a different matter.
  • Should a self-driving car kill Grandma or a baby? Choices, choices.
  • I’ve read, though haven’t confirmed, that poor Washington state is the only one with a big anti-gun measure on the ballot this year. Oregon, OTOH, has the opportunity to create 10 gun-sanctuary counties where gun-grabbery will be thwarted.
  • And Free Staters have privacy on their ballots.