Halloween in Chicago

Cosmo Campoli's Bird of PeaceHyde Park used to be pretty nice place to live. At least as a college student. No arrests made after teens damage dozens of cars on Halloween in Hyde Park.

A large group of teenagers damaged at least 20 cars and caused chaos through Hyde Park on Halloween evening. No arrests were made despite police being present, and some residents have questioned why no one was taken into custody.

Actually another article says there were 11 arrests, though not related to the damaged cars. Enough? Probably not. (Well get back to that.)

[The image above is Cosmo Campoli’s “Bird of Peace.” Cosmo was fixture around Hyde Park, and would sometimes even end up at student parties. It is located about 4 or 5 blocks from the site of these “incidents,” and I include it because I used to walk by it occasionally.]

As to what is being done, Second City Cop has somethings to say about that.

And with eleven arrests, we’re hoping that “Eva” might show us exactly how to keep the peace under the new Consent Decree that she probably cheered for. We’re sure it will involve cookies, warm milk and feather dusters. Perhaps a prayer circle and some Kumbaya around a burning car?

Welcome to the world of Zero Consequences. We hope you enjoy your stay at Ground Zero.