Residents Were Shocked

Reality is true, even when you don’t want it to be. Union Temple Beefs Up Security After Vandalism.

So the antisemitic graffiti and arson attacks on various synagogues in New York City have pushed (some) people out of their delusions. And they aren’t happy.

“Of course I know anti-Semitism is real, but I guess that in the back of my mind I was telling myself ‘but not here,’” [One member of the temple] said. “Now that it’s in Brooklyn, in my own super-progressive neighborhood, inside my baby’s preschool, I have to come to terms with it on a whole different level.”

Crime – even hate crime – isn’t something that only happens in “other kinds of places,” to “other kinds of people.” It is strange to me to think that the Jewish community in New York – even if only the extremely liberal portion of it – could really believe that somehow their zip-code would protect them.

If you can read this, you are not a resident of some fantasy locale where crime never happens. You live in the Real World™ where crime – even hate crime – can and sometime does happen. You should plan accordingly.

So as a show of force, there will be some private security, and – at least for a short time – some NYPD cops at this school. But in the long run what are these people going to do?

[That same mother] had recently volunteered to canvass her neighborhood ahead of the midterm elections, a decision that she said she’s now feeling conflicted about, “because of how much this incident makes me want to go out and buy a gun.”

What’s that old saying? “A Conservative is a Liberal Who’s been mugged.”

I’m sure she will get over the desire to exert individual action. Because she’s in her “own super-progressive neighborhood.”

A side note: The articles I’ve read seem to be doing everything they can to avoid mentioning that the person who has been arrested in relation to several attacks (James Polite) was Democratic intern, because narrative, I assume. (That’s another “uncomfortable reality.”)