Tiki Diva

So I’ve moved back into the Jazz, Lounge Music, etc. in the evenings. It has been nice to have something in my life that is calm these past few weeks.

Kenny Sasaki & The Tiki Boys is the project of Japanese musician and composer Ken Sasaki. He was in a number of bands and wrote for film and television. His first solo album was Tiki Moon.

This song is “Tiki Diva” from the 2002 album Tiki Moon. (YouTube. Privacy Extensions in your browser. “Unavailable.” Use the link above.)


2 thoughts on “Tiki Diva

  1. I am also in the Jazz mode these days with small group instrumentals from 1950 through 1975 in the rotation, along with modern chill tracks like you’ve highlighted. Calm is good. Calm and reasoned, and reflective is better.


    • Although I occasionally post about a mainstream artist or song, mostly I like to highlight stuff that people haven’t heard of, but is close to something that they are used to. People don’t like to be pulled too far out of their comfort zones.

      Pandora does a nice job with its “radio stations.” I have been listening to “Coltrane Radio” in the evenings. I have most of the really experimental stuff screened out, via likes and dislikes, and it is now playing a nice selection of (somewhat) mellow jazz – mostly saxophone artists, with a sprinkling of clarinet and other soloists included.

      But I can’t listen to that music during the day, or I would fall asleep.


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