“I pay as much attention to these brainless liberals as I do to a fly buzzing around a room.”

The is an interview with Yonatan Stern, Director of Cherev Gidon Tactical Training Academy in Pennsylvania. The difference between this and the few “sound bites” that other news organizations have carried is that this a complete interview. After Pittsburgh–Teaching Jews to Shoot Guns Gains Traction at Pennsylvania Tactical Training Academy.

I like what he has to say on the subject of self-defense.

A bit of background, he is training members of the Jewish community to defend their schools and temples from attack. In the aftermath of the Pittsburgh attack, he has been inundated with requests for training.

JV: Are you receiving any pushback from gun control activists, card carrying pacifists and other political operatives who oppose what you are doing?

YS: Liberals are always going to whine when people like us take effective initiatives to actually make positive changes within our society. They whined when trump got elected, they whined when Trump blocked Islamic terrorists from entering our nation, they whined when the embassy was moved to Jerusalem, they whined when Justice Kavanaugh was appointed, they whined that the President is sending troops to protect our border, and now they are of course whining that we are getting American Jewish civilians armed and trained in our synagogues.

I pay as much attention to these brainless liberals as I do to a fly buzzing around a room. Anyone who advocates for Jews to be disarmed while we are under violent attack by antisemites is either intentionally trying to get Jews killed, or is an ignorant fool who is probably suffering from mental illness.

I enjoyed it. You might as well.