Self-defense Is Legal in Delaware

He did lose his job, because employers don’t want employees to defend themselves. Hospital bus driver won’t be charged after shooting another driver in I-95 dispute.

And to make that determination between September and November is acting at lightning speed, by the standards of some Criminal Justice organizations.

The bus driver and another man engaged in an on-the-road altercation in September before both pulled over near the Airport Road exit ramp to escalate the fight. The bus driver shot the other man after he pulled out a can of pepper spray, state police said.

Prosecutors didn’t charge the bus driver because he fired in self-defense in accordance with Delaware law, according to state justice department spokeswoman Julia Lawes.

Though as noted, he was fired from his job.

The bus driver lost his job because the health care company’s policy forbids employees from carrying firearms, spokeswoman Samantha Raftovich said in September.

Self-defense is a human-right.