Relatives of Dead Criminals Don’t Like Self-defense

The ongoing series of families convinced little Johnny would never do anything wrong. Man shot allegedly breaking into home was turning his life around, mother says.

The family of a man who was shot and killed after a homeowner said he tried to break in say they think there is more to the story

Because what else do they have? Painful truth is not in vogue in 21st Century America.

Police said Sanders walked up the couple’s driveway at their home in Gainesville around 9 a.m. Oct. 15. The homeowner said he tried to get into the house, and when she called 911 he threatened her.

“I got on the phone to call 911, and he leaned his face in and said, ‘I’ll tell you what: If you’re calling the law, that’ll be the last time you ever called anybody,'” she said.

Police said Sanders didn’t stop trying to break in after she called police.

He ended up being shot with a shotgun, and died a few days later.

The family doesn’t believe it. Apparently, a law abiding couple lured him to their property and for no reason shot him in the neck with a shotgun. Or something. </sarcasm> He spent time in prison. There is a 911 call.

3 thoughts on “Relatives of Dead Criminals Don’t Like Self-defense

  1. My answer to that airhead reporter’s tweet.

    ‘hard questions’ will get answers closest to:
    Self defense and defense of others is a right in the U.S. and Mr. Sanders put himself in a situation where that ‘someone’ exercised that right.

    Moral of story? Don’t go giving ‘someone’ reasonable fear and you won’t get shot.


  2. Turning his life around by breaking and entering…..Damn….
    Dumb and Dumber…


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