Sunday Roundup of Link Roundups

Every time I type the title to this post (or one of the variations) I’m so tempted to call it a meta-roundup.

First up, Wombat-socho and The Other McCain – Wretchedly Late Night With In The Mailbox: 11.16.18. Which begins with “Over the Transom.”

EBL: Roy Clark, RIP
Twitchy: After Threatening To Nuke Americans Who Won’t Give Up Their Guns, Rep. Eric Swalwell Bemoans Lack of Progress On Gun Control Debate
Louder With Crowder: Republic, WA Police Chief Refuses To Enforce Unconstitutional Gun Laws
According To Hoyt: Lift That Light High!
Monster Hunter Nation: November Update Post
Vox Popoli: Just Do It Already

Freedom Is Just Another Word… – Sunday Memes. Some of them are quite funny.

Claire Wolfe has Weekend links at her Living Freedom Blog. She starts off with the following posts.

  • Job opportunity! The federal government is hiring professional joint rollers. As in blunts, doobies, pre-roll, and reefer. (Really. Although the job does entail a bit more than that.)
  • SAF and the NRA, who haven’t been fond of each other recently, have teamed up to bring suit against I-1639, Washington state’s evil, stupid, illegal, and draconian new gun law. Many more suits will follow.
  • In Mexico, two innocent men are beaten and burned to death on the basis of an unfounded rumor spread on WhatsApp.

And if that’s not enough, she also has Thursday and Friday Links.

And of course since it’s Sunday, so Pirate’s Cove has Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup.

What is happening in Ye Olde Blogosphere? The Fine 15

  1. Weasel Zippers notes that the gun grabbers are coming
  2. Watcher Of Weasels covers Sarah Sanders saying that the freedom of the press isn’t a freedom to be rude
  3. The Right Scoop discusses another wonderful illegal alien who tried to kill a cop on video
  4. The Political Hat notes SJWs infesting the workplace more and more
  5. The Other McCain offers reliable warning signs of craziness
  6. The Lid notes what a report says illegal aliens cost US taxpayers yearly for health care

Each of these has many more links than I’ve listed here. I hope you are enjoying your weekend.