UK’s NHS Tries to Stop Killing People

Or something like that. NHS trusts will be forced to publish concerns raised by staff and patients in wake of Gosport scandal.

In June this year, it emerged a hospital GP presided over an “institutionalised regime” which saw more than 600 patients have their lives cut short after they were prescribed powerful painkillers without medical justification, a report found.

656 people were killed, basically by drug overdose. Whistle-blowers were kept quiet.

The report said that there was “disregard for human life” and and it told how patients who were viewed as a “nuisance” were given drugs on syringe drivers which killed them within days.

Say it again. In the world of socialized medicine, patients are not customers, just nuisances. They stand in the way of meeting quotas and keeping costs down.

And the authorities were not exactly on top of the situation.

It also criticises Sir Peter Viggers, former MP for the area, who the panel said repeatedly played down what had happened, questioned the need for inquiries and made clear he supported the hospital.

In part because NHS is the Sacred Cow of the UK.

Or, in the words of a Chicago political observer, “Don’t make no waves. Don’t back no losers.”

4 thoughts on “UK’s NHS Tries to Stop Killing People

  1. Wait a minute. the study found that people were deliberately given life-ending drugs, and no one has been charged with murder or man slaughter yet?

    Jeez Louise.


  2. Staff who “raise concerns” will very quickly cease to be “staff”. I’ve been in healthcare more than 40 years….with time spent as caregiver AND as management. Any “concerns” that are likely to cost money to address are dealt with…by getting rid of the complainant. In hospitals the squeaky wheel does not get greased….it gets REPLACED.


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