He Put Her In the Hospital. Then He Got a Job With the City of Cleveland

Putting your faith in “The System” to guarantee your protection is little more than wishful thinking. Action, not condolences, the way to honor Aisha Fraser: Andrea Simakis.

CLEVELAND, Ohio – After Lance Mason got out of prison for choking and biting and hammering his wife Aisha Fraser in the face, he was hired by City Hall.

And Aisha? She drew up a will.

He “served nine months of a two year sentence for attempted felonious assault even though there was nothing attempted about it.” Her injuries were severe enough to require reconstructive surgery, and she suffered nerve damage. This is who the mayor of Cleveland thought was a guy who should work in city hall.

The politician who “gave him a 2nd chance,” the Mayor of Cleveland, is shocked to discover that abusive husbands will often kill their estranged wives, even in the face of restraining orders.

Mayor Frank Jackson told the cameras that no one could have predicted that Mason would be arrested for killing his estranged wife.

“Spin” doesn’t begin to cover it. Or maybe the Mayor of Cleveland is just completely clueless. (Are you lying, or are you just stupid Mayor Jackson?) Mayor Jackson isn’t responsible for this death; he’s only responsible for being an idiot.

A gun may not have saved this woman. “There are no guarantees in this life save for death and next Winter’s snow.” But “The System” seemed determined to ignore what this man had done. “If you make something less expensive, you will see more of it.” And so, since he had little punishment for severely injuring her, he killed her. Not exactly unexpected.