Link Roundups for Your Wednesday

Wombat-socho has been hard-at work over at The Other McCain with In The Mailbox: 11.26.18. He was kind enough to include something from yours truly.

357 Magnum: UK’s NHS Tries To Stop Killing People
EBL: Apparently It’s Unconstitutional For Congress To Ban Female Genital Mutilation
Twitchy: Fan Fiction – Newsweek Is Just Going To Go Ahead And Cover President Beta O’Rourke Now
Louder With Crowder: Border Patrol Chief Exposes What REALLY Happened With Migrant Caravan
Jen Gerson: Sabrina The Woke Witch Is A Disgrace To Baphomet

And much more.

Claire Wolfe over at her Living Freedom has Monday links.

This link is in honor of D3, who will know why. Meet the well-prepped and dogged survivors of Paradise.
The Profound Pleasure of Puttering — something every introvert knows.
Tech giants offer meaningless apologies, but don’t change their ways. (Alternatives, though they do exist, require critical mass that they aren’t gaining.)
But don’t rush to regulate Big Tech: It’s rendering itself irrelevant already.

Larwyn’s Linx: Former aides promise to expose ‘deep state’ plot against Trump in 2016

Former aides promise to expose ‘deep state’ plot against Trump in 2016: Robert Donachie
Leading Democrat Cummings says U.S. must let migrant caravan enter country: Times
Anti-Semitic Trouble in My Old Los Angeles Hood: Roger L. Simon