“An honest man gets to call a liar a liar to his lying face.”

Ace of Spades has an interest smack-down of the #NeverTrump crowd in general and Ben Shapiro in particular. It isn’t in any specific post, it is in the sidebar, and so in every post.

You know how it goes — it’s hard for someone to brand himself as The World’s Most Super-Pure Conservative when he supported Hillary Clinton, though Ben Shapiro and a couple of thousand other Twitter-Based Life Forms do so every day.

I’m a little bit tired of this fucking lie and I wish the people pushing it — again, they push it for their pecuniary interests and branding purposes, not for any noble reason — would stop pushing it. They’re liars. And lies, though useful, have one big drawback: An honest man gets to call a liar a liar to his lying face.

Them’s the breaks. Them’s the risks. Anyway, sorry for the pointless shit-stirring.
Your Fake Internet Pal,


PS, you’re welcome for the Supreme Court Justices. And the economy. I know I went “crazy” when I helped bring that about, but I guess I’m comfortable with the trade.

It is much longer than that, and worth a look.

Like Ace, I think that Trump can be a jackass, but I also agree that he is not Hilary Clinton. (So who do you think would be on the Supreme Court today if Hilary had been elected? Do you think the 2nd Amendment would last out until the next election?)

Hat tip to The Other McCain and Ace vs. ‘Non-Binary Ben’. Where a bit of nostalgia originally caught my eye.

Back around 2005, when the blogosphere was The New Hotness — and my Old School editors at The Washington Times totally didn’t get it — I started reading Ace habitually, laughing out loud in the newsroom and wishing I could have fun like the Moron crew did. Now that I think about it, 2005 was The Last Good Year, before the Iraq War went completely sideways, before Democrats took over Congress in 2006, before the Bush administration disintegrated into incoherence. Man, what fun it was in 2005, to laugh at the pathetic helplessness of libtards and moonbats, wallowing in their misery after “RatherGate” and the defeat of John Kerry, when every boy wanted a G.I. Joe for Christmas. But don’t look back, you can never look back . . .

The Good Old Days. And they could be again, if conservatives would wake up to the fact that Twitter and Facebook are not a good way to get any message out, that isn’t approved in advance by the DNC.