Midweek Linkfest

Wombat-socho over at The Other McCain has Late Night With in The Mailbox: 11.28.18

Ninety Miles From Tyranny: The 90 Miles Mystery Box, Episode #453
EBL: Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith Wins MS Senate Runoff
Twitchy: The Washington Post Won’t Let Go Of FLOTUS’ Horrifying “Nightmare Forest”
Louder With Crowder: Obama Takes Credit For American Oil Boom, Paris Climate Accord

Claire Wolfe of Living Freedom Blog offers up Midweek links

  • You’ve probably heard that a New York state legislator has introduced a bill to allow Authoritah to search your online history before you can be “allowed” to buy a gun. You may not have realized how dangerously deep that rabbit hole goes. And have you heard that Kevin Parker, the pol who wants to inflict this, is himself a violent criminal, as well as a major financial deadbeat?
  • From Shel in comments: evacuation advice from a survival maven, Kevin Reeve.
  • The UK moves into the creepy territory of using AI to detect pre-crime. (H/T MJR)

Doug Ross has Larwyn’s Linx: President Trump Discusses Decision Not to Declassify “Spygate” Documents

President Trump Discusses Decision Not to Declassify “Spygate” Documents: CTH
The Guardian’s Desperate Attempt To Tie Assange To Spygate Backfires: Disobedient
Trump’s Power of Chaos: Don Surber

MaddMedic of Freedom is Just Another Word… offers up Gun News …

Guns Save Lives— Armed Citizens Thwart Active Shooters 94% of the Time
It’s a testimonial as to why “gun control” should mean hitting your target. While a study shows that 98 percent of mass shootings occur in “gun free” zones

Each has more than I have highlighted here. I hope your week is going well.