What Happens When the Good Guys Don’t Have the Ability to Defend Themselves?

They are at the mercy of people who don’t follow the law. This is Canada, where self-defense is pretty much illegal. (From the comments on a different post – link at bottom of this post). Nanaimo seniors share harrowing story of home invasion.

A couple in their 70s was home minding their own business when they were the victim of a home invasion.

“I ran at him,” he said. “We got into a tussle and then he hit me on the head with some kind of a club.”

Bleeding from a gash on his head, Donald says the same man then tied him up and forced him to lie face down on the floor.

“He handcuffed and put my hands together with rope or belts, my own belts,” he said.

One of the miscreants had a firearm, but it is clear they didn’t need it. Clubs. Hockey sticks. Baseball bats. All would have been enough to overpower this elderly couple. And so they lost heirloom jewelry, and their car. They got the car back.

The seniors, who have been married for more than 50 years, say they are traumatized by the ordeal and want the suspects to be caught.

Compare and Contrast with the original post about a home invasion in this country. (UNO HU, who left a comment on that post, gets the hat tip.) Or actually, you can look at pretty much any post in the Self-defense category. Which is why it’s there.