Someone in the NFL Has a Backbone After All

Or I should say the Kansas City Chiefs front office has a backbone. Kareem Hunt’s release a warning to players, but exposes NFL’s limits.

NFL player beats up a woman. Lies about it. But then a video of the incident it released.

For about six hours, it felt like a same-old, same-old, “NFL gets it wrong again” kind of day. Another ugly Friday for a league that never can seem to get out of its own way when it comes to investigating bad off-field behavior by its players. A video surfaced of a star player in a physical altercation with a woman, hours went by, and the league put the player on the commissioner’s exempt list — a nebulous move that barely resonates with a public that doesn’t fully understand what it even means.

Then the Chiefs announced they were releasing Kareem Hunt.

It’s a big deal because he is a pretty good player. And it is also a big deal because FINALLY someone in the NFL said “Bad behavior will NOT be tolerated.

The Chiefs are 9-2 and in position for their best chance at a Super Bowl title since they won it in 1970. Releasing a player of Hunt’s caliber and value was, from a pure-football standpoint, one of the most difficult and detrimental things they could have done to their team.