Chicago’s Recipe for More Gun Crime

Under the heading of “Bail Reform.” No injuries after gunfire erupts on LSD near Belmont Harbor; Also, a look at some recent gun cases. (So no one has been convicted, but…)

1st case: Officers smell marijuana and order everyone out of a car. Find a loaded handgun inside a panel of the front passenger side. Miscreant released on a recognizance bond.

2nd case: Guy runs a red-light. Claims he didn’t have his license. Cops wonder why he didn’t check the “man purse” next to him. Police eventually find a loaded handgun with a defaced serial number. Released on recognizance bond.

3rd case: Guy ran from police because he was (allegedly) carrying a weapon. Since is was already AWOL on a previous recognizance bond from March when he was arrested in November, judge set bail at $30,000. That means he can walk free for 3 grand.

If you make something cheap, you will get more of it.