So How Would This Have Ended If She Wasn’t Armed?

Good thing she was armed, because that means the Good Guys came out ahead. South Carolina prison escapee shot dead by female homeowner, other jail-breaker captured, cops say.

Two inmates escaped from jail. One was recaptured minutes later on a road near the prison.

Clark said that, as Dill was being captured, a female homeowner who lives nearby called 911 to report a man had kicked in her back door and she had shot him.

The woman, who was not identified by the sheriff, had a concealed weapons permit and had shot the second inmate in the head as he approached her bedroom door, according to Clark.

Authorities have not yet released the identity of the second inmate, pending review of the medical examiner’s office. The inmate was found dressed in prison clothing and had armed himself with a foot-long knife sharpening tool he grabbed in the woman’s kitchen.

So I would really love it if someone on the gun-hating Left would tell me what she should have done. Since they don’t believe she should be armed in her own defense, they must have some other ideas about what she could do in this situation.

The Sheriff isn’t confused about what would have happened. Sheriff: Woman kills jail escapee who kicks in her door. He believes she would have been hurt.

“This was a big guy. If she hadn’t had a weapon there’s no telling what would have happened,” Clark said. “I gave her a big hug. I told her how proud I was of her.”

In the meantime, self-defense is a human-right. Good Guys 2, Bad Guys 0.