Sunday Roundup of Link Roundups

It’s Sunday, so that means The Pirate’s Cove has Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup.

What’s happening in Ye Olde Blogosphere? The Fine 15

  1. Sara Carter notes that the dossier was unverified by the FBI. Ever
  2. Powerline takes on the conspiracy theory that Trump defrauded voters
  3. Jihad Watch covers how Islamophobia was dragged into the Paris climate riots
  4. The Other McCain notes a few bad tweets showing up for the Heisman winner
  5. Weasel Zippers shows Dems trying to get Medicaid for illegal aliens
  6. The Vulgar Curmudgeon says people should be paying attention to France

Wombat-socho over at The Other McCain – In The Mailbox: 12.07.18.

357 Magnum: It’s Almost Like Putin Didn’t Expect To Be Held Accountable By The Obama Administration
EBL: Sexual Abuse At CBS – Lee Moonves’ Special Perks
Twitchy: Occasional Cortex Backpedals In A Major Way After Threatening Donald Trump Jr.
Louder With Crowder: Jessica Simpson Dresses Down Natalie Portman For Virgin- & Body-Shaming, also, Joy Behar Whines About Fox Being Trump’s Channel – Her Co-Hosts Attack
According To Hoyt: A Lack Of Reading Comprehension
Monster Hunter Nation: Book Bomb! A Star-Wheeled Sky & In Plain Sight
Vox Popoli: Ubisoft Converged

Claire Wolfe of Living Freedom – Weekend links.

  • Could Gamble v U.S. help end the war on weed?
  • Australia goes and does it. They pass a back-door encryption law that could have horrible repercussions worldwide. But it’s okay because, you know, “national security.” (H/T MJR)
  • Could the Clintons finally — finally! — be getting into the trouble they’ve deserved all these years?
  • Let us pray that we have reached Peak Pecksniffery: A professor of psychology and sexuality studies gripes that God didn’t get Mary’s consent before impregnating her with Jesus.* (H/T MtK)

Doug Ross – Larwyn’s Linx: The Media are Just as Complicit in DOJ, FBI, Corruption and FISA Abuse.

The Media are Just as Complicit in DOJ, FBI, Corruption and FISA Abuse: CTH
Mueller’s witch hunt may have just boomeranged: Don Surber
The ominous scramble before Mueller got the job: CNN

Catch & Release: MS-13 Killer Avoided Deportation Thanks to Obama Judge: R.S. McCain
House Democrats Will Push to Criminalize Private Gun Sales: AWR Hawkins
Trump to tap former A.G. William Barr to head Justice Department: Diana Stancy Correll

MaddMedic at Freedom is Just Another Word – Gun News …..

Democrats Plan New Universal Background Check Bill

House Democrats plan to push for universal background checks for all firearms transfers in the new session of Congress.

There is more listed at each site than I have highlighted here. I hope you can enjoy what’s left of the weekend.