A 2 Hour Wait For Police After Calling 911

There are two 911 stories out of Dallas. Stories about having to wait a very long time for police response to bad situations.

The first is about a 2 hour wait for 911 after/during an armed robbery. Dallas Robbery Victim Said He Waited 2+ Hours For Officers: ‘Are You Kidding Me?’.

Neighbors called during the crime. He called after the crime. Total of at least 8 calls. 2 hour response time.

“They had me on the ground — gun against my head… I did my best not to look at their faces… I didn’t care.. I wanted them to get whatever they needed out of me… They pulled each credit card and ATM card out of my wallet, put it in front of my face, asked me for the pin and said if you give me the wrong pin you’re dead, we’ll shoot you.”

Police chief “apologized.” At least no one died

The 2nd case is about someone who died. I can’t tell from this how long the wait was. The 1st call was at 9:18. At 10:49 there still had been no response. So “about 2 hours” seems legitimate. New Questions About Dallas Police Response Time Claims.

Several 911 calls were made. The 1st was categorized as “Other.” Eventually a “Priority 2” call was logged. Still a low-priority. The news organization wants you to know that the police had put out a warning for a sex predator in the area where the victim lived, but I’m not sure that really is germane. Eventually a neighbor broke into the dwelling and called for fire-rescue. The paramedics got there long before the cops did.

Then there is the insanity.

“This is a very, very tragic outcome for this woman,” she said. “When I hear something like this of course I’m concerned that someone wasn’t there in two seconds to try to save this woman’s life.”

No way that the response will be 2 seconds. Dallas currently gets to Priority 1 calls in 8 minutes. On average.

Calling 911 is a fine thing to do, but help won’t be there in 2 seconds. You should plan what you are going to do while you wait.