Saturday Links

I found something of interest in all of these posts. I hope you do too.

The Priate’s Cove – Inevitable: CNN Links Migrant Caravan To ‘Climate Change’

The Other McCain – Pro-Choice Activist of the Year

Stately McDaniel Manor – FBI: Forever Broken Institution?

Diogenes’ Middle Finger – I’ve Got Your Sanctimonious Oscar Ceremonies Host Right Here

Gates of Vienna – Jews in the AfD: “The German Zeitgeist is Fashioned by Cowards”

Ninety Miles from Tyranny – UH-OH: Federal judge wants to see infamous FBI 302s on Michael Flynn BEFORE he is sentenced

Chicks on the Right – Ted Lieu Admits He Wants To Regulate Your Constitutional Rights (And This Time, It’s Not The 2A)

Ace of Spades – Weekly Standard Shuts Down

Vodka Pundit – SecDef Mattis: ’40 Years Is Enough’ in Afghanistan

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