Judges Behaving Badly

The rules are not supposed to apply to the Judges. The rules only apply to the little people. Livingston Co. judge charged with perjury, tampering.

Here’s the “impartial” media account.

Brennan, a judge since 2005, testified last fall during a hearing before the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission to address allegations of failing to disclose a relationship with a state police officer during a murder trial. She’s also accused of using staff to perform personal tasks for her on county time.

But if you want to know what is really going on, you need to dig a little deeper. Here’s why the Judge Brennan case is Livingston County’s biggest political scandal ever.

First, she seems to be unpopular.

Judge Theresa Brennan is Livingston County’s most despised public official ever. Again, no one else is even close. We’ve seen a lot of political hate in Livingston County before – people who hated Mike Rogers because he’s a Republican, people who hated Hillary Clinton because she’s a Democrat , etc.– but nothing like this.

That relationship with the police officer… he was the lead witness for the prosecution in the case SHE presided over. She did a factory reset on her phone during divorce proceedings, and then lied about it.

An arrest warrant was authorized for three felony counts: perjury, tampering with evidence and misconduct in office/common law offenses, according to the complaint.