The Left – Judge People Based on Race

Because some races are better than others according to the Left. WALSH: The Left Attacked A White College Student For Saying He Loves White People. That’s Wildly Hypocritical. Here’s Why..

von Abele is heckled by a group of other students, who shout at him, flip the middle finger, and weirdly poke his face and his chest. Despite being accused of “assaulting” minorities, the footage never shows him lay hands on anyone. Instead, the angry hecklers put their hands on him multiple times. He never threatens anyone. He is not harassing or attacking anyone.

“Your speech is literally assault; our literal assault is free-speech” – The Left.

I think that all of the Left who hate white people and everything white people have done should eliminate from their lives everything invented by white people. Like the electric light. The integrated circuit. Alternating current. The internal combustion engine (including the diesel). Radio (which would include cellphone transmissions).


One thought on “The Left – Judge People Based on Race

  1. Simply put, the Left and all those sorts that they favor just need to be either culled or collared and put to use for Americans’ benefit.


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