Saturday Links

The Other McCain – The Hate Twitter Won’t Ban

The Pirate’s Cove – Nancy Pelosi, Surrounded By Armed Security, Promises Swift Action On Restricting Gun Rights Of Lawful Citizens

Diogenes’ Middle Finger – The Only President To Be At War His Entire Presidency

Legal Insurrection – Washington State Women’s March Closing Due to Anti-Semitism at National Organization

Farrakhan-fans have taken over the Women’s March, and it’s tearing apart the movement.

Gun Culture 2.0 – The Telling Geography of American Gun Violence

Victory Girls – Dear Media; Your Glee Over The Multiple Trump Investigations Is Appalling

Claire Wolfe’s Living Freedom Blog – Communities of the deplorable

Ace of Spades – Netflix Revives Early 80s Muppet Bomb “The Dark Crystal” As a Series Because There Are Literally No Ideas Left

Slow Facts – Why are the Police More Equal Than You?

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