Catching Up On Some Link Roundups…

I hope you enjoyed some time off.

The Other McCain (and Wombat-socho) – In The Mailbox: 12.24.18.

EBL: It’s A Wonderful Life
Twitchy: If You Criticized Talib Kweli Green For His Tweet About The Nazi’s Berlin Wall, You’re An Actual Nazi
Louder With Crowder: Actor Calls Fro James Bond To Be Played By Transgender “Woman”

Claire Wolfe and her Living Freedom Blog – Midweek links.

  • Oh great. The NYT wants credit card companies to recreate Project Chokepoint. Only they want hundreds of thousands of innocent gun buyers reported to the cops for fitting a “profile” the NYT doesn’t approve of.
  • Aww, isn’t that sweeeeeeet? The TSA is switching to floppy-eared dogs because the pointy-eared ones scare children. No word on whether those airport blue-hands realize the kiddies are probably even more terrorized by having their pubes pawed.
  • Add one more aspect of shadiness to the dirty business of buying pet-shop dogs: Dog leasing to the unwary. (Nitpick: It’s not animal-rights organizations protesting this; it’s animal welfare organizations. So-called animal-rights outfits like PETA don’t give a cr*p about the well-being of pets or their humans.) (H/T JB)

And also from Claire Wolfe – Sunday links.

  • That FBI agent who was just a dancin’ and a backflippin’ and a shootin’ in a bar … gets probation. Figures, dunnit?
  • Independent booksellers are making a comeback, while ebook sales slip. Yes, it’s nice to hold a physical book in your hands and to shop in an intimate little book store.
  • Never owned a bump stock? Think the new fiat against them is no big deal? Here’s why it’s a very damned big deal for all owners of semiauto firearms.

And MaddMedic at Freedom Is Just Another Word… – Wednesday Memes …. It’s worth a look.