Expecting “The System” To Protect You Is a Losing Proposition

You have to protect yourself. College track star warned police about her ex-boyfriend 6 times in the 10 days before he killed her.

Women who are in abusive relationships, or relationships they fear will become abusive, are often told to reach out for help to prevent things from progressing further. Lauren McCluskey, a track athlete at the University of Utah who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend on October 22, 2018, did just that.

She alerted the campus police. She showed them threatening text messages from her ex, told them about his criminal record, which she found out about a month into their relationship.

“College students don’t need to protect themselves.” – The Left.

A gun may not have protected this woman. “There are no guarantees in this life save for death and next winter’s snow.” But expecting the police, or “The System” to protect you has been shown over and over to be a false hope. Cops have no duty to protect you. Even if you get a court order of protection, the cops still have no duty to protect you. You have to protect yourself. Of course on a college campus, this woman was disarmed – ironically, the Left did that for her own protection. (Maybe the University of Utah should put up bigger signs saying “No Crime Allowed on Campus.” Or something.)