Saturday Links

Diogenes’ Middle Finger Rand Paul Delivers Annual Festivus Airing Of Grievances. And while some of them are funny, the waste is stupid.

The Pirate’s Cove – More Than Four Million Schoolkids Subjected To Lockdowns Because They’re Gun Free Zones.

Blazing Cat Fur – Hezbollah’s tunnels are a clear threat to Israel — and the UN doesn’t care

Ace of Spades – Surprise! Sanctuary Shooter Had Prior DUI Convictions and Was Associated With a Street Gang, but California Protected Him from Deportation

The Other McCain – The @emrazz Thread: Feminist Dreams of Eliminating All Male Life on Earth.

Chicks on the Right – Mizzou Official Suggests Tall Dudes Asking Short Girls Out Could Amount To Sexual Misconduct

The Gates of Vienna – Sweden: See Nothing, Say Nothing.

Weasel Zippers – FBI: Record Number Of Illegal Aliens Tried To Buy Guns This Year.

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