versus Google-fu

So I rarely log into, because I’m not one to post much on weapons boards, and their search capability sucks.

  1. Public search is limited to ONE SEARCH PER 60 SECONDS.
  2. Public search is limited to SUBJECTS only.

But they sent me a bit of SPAM email today informing me that they have updated their SPAM newsletter capability. Or something. So I was forced to go look at the options, and then to log in and at least change my PW, which was hopelessly out of date. (Gotta love password managers!)

Back to the subject of search: Don’t they know that their entire site is indexed by Google? Could it be that in 2019, people still don’t know how to limit a Google search to a particular site? (No, I’m not going to explain it to you. That would make the folks who run mad at me.)