What If You Called 911 and Couldn’t Get Through

I missed this in the holiday insanity. 911 system blackout inexcusable; federal and state regulators must respond aggressively.

You might have missed it in the bustle of the holidays, but thousands of folks faced with emergencies the night of Dec. 27 and the morning of Dec. 28 definitely noticed. They won’t soon forget the helpless feeling of dialing those three easy digits, hearing a rapid busy signal and quickly trying to figure out a Plan B with potential life-or-death implications.

So what is your Plan B?

The tone of the article is, “What ever will we do, if the .gov isn’t there to take care of us?” Pearl-clutching sums it up nicely.

Now calling 911 is a fine thing to do, but it isn’t infallible; it’s a system built and maintained by imperfect humans. You should take that into account. And even when you can get through to 911, you won’t get help instantly. (Unless, of course they can give you instructions to fix whatever is the problem.) You should plan for what you will do while you wait.

You can find a map of the outage at this link.