911 Response Times Will Never Be Zero

The admonition is to Keep reducing response times.

Which is a worthy goal. Pueblo has a Priority 1 (Weapon/Threat to Life) of 11 minutes and 51 seconds, which is an improvement of about 3 minutes. Priority 2 calls (Active threat to people) is about 17 and a half minutes. (Down from more than 24 minutes.) So better response is good, but it will never be zero minutes.

That’s good news, but there’s still plenty of room for improvement. After all, if you’re calling 911 about an armed intruder in your house, 12 minutes would seem like an eternity.

If there is an armed intruder in your house, just how long would you be comfortable waiting. Me? I can reach a loaded firearm from where I am sitting, typing this. If it were the middle of the night, I could reach a loaded weapon without getting out of bed. So I am prepared to wait the time it would take a Sheriff’s deputy to be dispatched and arrive at my house. Which probably wouldn’t be within that 12 minute window. (Well, that will depend on so many circumstances, that I’m no prepared to speculate. Or bet my life on the outcome.)

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