Vice Units. Combating or Partaking?

It can be hard to tell. Plagued by Misconduct Claims, Will Columbus’s Vice Unit Be Held Accountable?.

First up, the big picture.

Narcotics and vice squads have been at the center of police misconduct allegations in Baltimore, Maryland; Los Angeles, California; Steubenville, Ohio; Washington, DC; and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Such squads often operate out of uniform and away from public view, focusing on the underground world of sex, drugs and money.

This article focuses on Columbus, Ohio PD. But for the Ohio picture.

Ohio has hosted more federal investigations of police misconduct per capita than any other state.

Not the category in which you want to be number 1.

Anyway the Columbus Vice Unit has had a string of high-profile, insanity incidents. (I don’t know what to call them.)

Adult film star Stormy Daniels’s July 2018 arrest in Ohio by the vice unit of the Columbus Police Department (CPD) turned out to be, according to emails a CPD whistleblower provided to the Fayette Advocate, a pre-planned political stunt by vice detectives.

In September, another whistleblower familiar with local strip clubs informed city officials of extortion, selective enforcement and entrapment by the vice unit, bringing a large package of documents to corroborate the allegations.

There is more. So much, that the Columbus Chief of Police invited the FBI in to do the investigating. And cities are paying a lot of overtime on this.

cops coercing sex workers is widespread — especially undercover cops. “If they don’t have a unit doing stings, then they have officers who think that [targeting sex workers] is more fun, and they get paid overtime. So, cities are spending shit-tons of money for this to occur, and there are so many people being abused in that situation.”

So “your tax dollars at work” doesn’t quite describe it.