Because Actually Getting a Job Is Out of the Question

The linked article could start discussions on so many things. Recidivism being the obvious choice. Robbery suspect is convicted murderer. But a quote late in the story makes me want to scream.

“I don’t want to hurt you but I have to make a living,” one of the robbers told the clerk Monday.

The 2 got about 100 dollars in cash.

The murder – in 1990 – was also the result of a robbery, which also netted about 100 bucks. But in 1990, he couldn’t leave a living witness, even though she was nice.

“They simply could not leave a witness alive,” a Metro detective was quoted in 1990 by The Tennessean. Coleman told Metro detectives how “nice” the 1990 victim was, who had given the men free sandwiches before they shot her to death, hid her body in the store and left in her car with less than $100 in cash, a similar amount to that taken Monday in Shelbyville.

He could have made more money if he got a job in the store and applied himself.