Saturday Links

Some links from the week that I found to be of interest. I hope you think so too.

Raconteur Report starts us off with a word on Gillette. Man-Bashers: Go F— Yourselves

Vox Popoli asks what happens when hard science (DNA in this case) overturns the SJW narrative of archeology? Unauthorized science.

Pirate’s Cove notes that Democrats hate the 2nd Amendment. Oregon Democrats Look To Limit Magazines To Five Rounds, Limit Purchases To 20 Rounds Per Month

And also from Pirate’s Cove – Bummer: Healthcare Is Bad For ‘Climate Change’

Samizdata, has some thought on the politics of Brexit. Dominic Cummings on how rational arguments don’t (but actually sometimes do) have consequences

Adaptive Curmudgeon would like you to know that his week was worse than yours, even if his was funnier than yours. A Routine Homestead Shitstorm.

Jihad Watch notes that there are a lot of people are crossing our southern border. “We’ve found prayer rugs out here. It’s unreal.”

From The Other McCain – A World Without Norms: The Influence of Judith Butler’s ‘Gender Trouble’

When did feminism go completely bonkers?

Also from The Other McCain – Lesbian Is a Synonym for ‘No’ (Or: Guys, Please Leave @LayneMorgan Alone). Actually she has a point – which is missed by the comments on that post.

Victory Girls note that Nancy Pelosi Wants SOTU Canceled Due To Shutdown

The Volokh Conspiracy has more on the Left’s hatred of the 2nd Amendment and their fear of gun owners. Washington Lt. Gov. Skips Governor’s Speech Because People with Concealed Carry Permits Could Attend

Shouldn’t he be avoiding most of the whole state of Washington?

Sultan Knish wonders if we need A New National Security Strategy for America

The Daily Gator notes that it isn’t just the 2nd Amendment that the Left hates, but the entire Constitution. Noted soy boy and empty suit Beto says maybe we do not need no stinkin’ constitution

I hope your weekend is off to a good start.

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