Is “Conservative Media” an Oxymoron?

While Milo always is outrageous, it’s part of his charm, he does have a point buried in this rant. Dear Conservative Media: Most Of You Belong In Jail Today. This rant is about the attacks on the Students from Covington Catholic.

While we expect the Liberal Media (but I repeat myself) to take every opportunity to bash conservatives, shouldn’t the Conservative Media, so-called, not be so quick to jump on the Progressive talking points? The now discredited story – all you have to do is watch the full, unedited video – was that the kids harassed people. It is now clear that is exactly the opposite of what happened. But back to the Conservative Media.

Less predictable was National Review rushing out a now-deleted op-ed accusing the wrongly-accused Covington students of “evil” behavior and claiming they “might as well have just spit on the cross. Or a virtue-signalling Ross Douthat going in on Twitter without having a clue about the facts. You will recall that these are the same people constantly lecturing the rest of us about propriety, manners and restraint.

The link in that quote is to the Wayback Machine, and as always they could use few bucks if you can swing it.

American journalists aren’t just enemies of the people any more. They are enemies of truth, integrity and basic human decency, indistinguishable from the violent leftist activists whose dirty work they perform every day, excusing atrocities while telling vile lies about decent, law-abiding, God-fearing Americans. And the conservative press, which hates ordinary voting Republicans, thinking them dirty, gauche, unsophisticated morons for liking Donald Trump, is just as guilty as the rest of them. If not more so—because they ought to be our defenders, and they ought to know the games the mainstream press plays by now.

The sight of kids from a Catholic school in MAGA hats was literally too much for the establishment Right to endure.

That op-ed in the National Review is deleted. No apology. Nor one from the feckless author of the op-ed. “We didn’t do anything wrong; we just hate Trump!” Lawyers are now involved on the side of the kids.

The longer video is available all over the place, but here’s a link in case your Google-fu is weak.

And as a side note, the Blue-check-mark, Leftist-Twitter Brigade, was also busy condemning the kids, and then after the longer videos came out, got busy deleting tweets. Too bad for them, people are getting screen shots. (Though using the Wayback Machine is a better strategy – if you support them. No freeloading!)

And for those of you opposed to Milo Yiannopoulus, can read Town Hall’s take on the matter. Rush to Judgment: Evidence Shows the ‘MAGA Kids vs. Native American Vet’ Narrative Was False.