How Much Does Google Hate Privacy?

Enough to sabotage uBlock Origin and uMatrix. Chrome Extension Manifest V3 May Break uBlock Origin Content Blocker.

uBlock Origin keeps most adds off my browsers. But then I only use Chrome anymore, when I am testing something. Because privacy.

This won’t win me back.

Developer Raymond Hill says that phasing out ‘webRequest’ API in favor of the ‘declarativeNetRequest’ API would mean the death of uBlock Origin, his highly popular extension for filtering web content, used by over 10 million users.

Like I said, I don’t use Chrome, and unless they force this into the Chromium base – isn’t mentioned – I will keep using Opera and Vivaldi. (Both Chromium-based browsers). And I will keep using Firefox and Pale Moon – both Goanna-based browsers. Not to mention TOR every once in a while.


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