The DoJ: Winning At All Costs, Even If It Means Breaking the Law

The Criminal Justice System – more criminal every day. ‘We’ll Expose The Rest Of Their Dirt’: Cliven Bundy Vows To Fight If Feds Put Him Back On Trial.

So the prosecutors broke the law, got caught, got called out for it. Now they are calling foul. (Really?!?)

Bundy’s case ended in a mistrial on Dec. 20, 2017, after a team of federal prosecutors were found withholding evidence from the court that was favorable to Bundy’s defense. Prosecutors handed over roughly 3,000 pages worth of overdue evidence to the court after repeated requests from the defendants.

Navarro found the prosecutorial team had broken federal law and violated the defendants’ civil rights by not turning the documents over sooner, according to court documents.

The case was dismissed “with prejudice.” After the violations came to light. That was the 4th mistrial. But the prosecutors really, really want a 5th chance, which they can’t have because of the “with prejudice” dismissal. So they are appealing.

I think the proscutor’s office needs counseling; from where I sit, it sure looks like they are obsessed.

Oh, and for breaking the law, none of the lawyers faced any difficulties as far as I can see. No fines, no disbarment, not censure. Just business as usual. Just an “internal investigation.”

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions took notice of the Bundy’s case after Navarro dismissed it. Sessions ordered a DOJ investigation in December 2017 into the potential misconduct of the federal prosecutors, led by former acting Nevada U.S. Attorney Steven Myhre.

Yeah, I have tons of faith in that!

This is categorized as “Cops Behaving Badly,” because “Lawyers Behaving Badly” seems redundant somehow.

That the DOJ is obsessed with destroying a Nevada Rancher seems almost cliche. You can find details on the latest mistrial at this link.