Meanwhile, in the Democratic Paradise of Philadelphia…

Not quite as bad as Venezuela, but seems to be moving in the same direction. The Left’s Failures on Crime, Drugs, and the Environment.

The cops are unhappy about the new DA, who has “decimated the prosecutor’s office, turned it into the public defender’s office.” Incarceration may be down, but you can’t say the same about crime. And other measures, like life-expectancy, are falling.

Life expectancy has been trending downward in Philadelphia since 2015, health officials said in Philadelphia’s latest “Health of the City” report. In 2017, overdoses outstripped all other causes of death except for heart disease and cancer—both of which generally affect a much older population than those who die of overdoses. In fact, the rate of premature death—before age 75—has been increasing since 2015 because of the opioid crisis and homicide rates among young adults, the report said.

On a less critical, but still important, issue, it appears that the city’s recycling plan is pretty close to a bust.

Next up: a law getting rid of plastic straws and grocery bags. Because that will fix what is really wrong! Or something. (Hat tip to The Other McCain.)