Reporter Doesn’t Understand Why the .gov Shouldn’t Take Care of Every Problem

But then thinking about “individual responsibility” would probably give him a migraine. Sick raccoon leads reporter down a rabbit hole.

A sick raccoon in a yard. “This must be a problem for Government Man” – superhero to the Left.

But alas, after calling various state and local agencies, he could not reach anyone who thought “Government Man” could do anything. Or got the answer, “We don’t deal with raccoons.

I’m still awaiting a response from Jacksonville officials on why it’s animal control officer will not come out and remove a sick animal.

Because he didn’t like the answer “we don’t deal with wildlife.”

Now you can hire someone for between $100 and $400, but he thinks that is unfair. Large size Havahart traps start at $50, but I’m guessing he doesn’t like that option either. (Though I suppose there is a reason the sell the 2 door traps. And the “easy set traps” cost more.)

But no, he is going to pester local agencies because he doesn’t understand that “taxpayer-funded” organizations can’t do everything. What’s that saying? “You just pay for it.”


7 thoughts on “Reporter Doesn’t Understand Why the .gov Shouldn’t Take Care of Every Problem

    • OK now THAT is funny. But at least he had the “I take care of things in my ward” can-do attitude.

      If I saw a sick raccoon on my property, I would be tempted to do something similar. Though not with a tire iron…


      • My thought as well. It’s one of the many reasons why people use to own a varmint rifle or shotgun. Certainly more humane than using a tire iron.


      • The unfortunate reality is that cities often prohibit the use of a firearm within city limits and could prosecute you for animal cruelty if you try to beat the animal to death with a shovel or other instrument.

        How do you deal with a potentially dangerous wild animal when the city won’t act and prohibits you from acting?


      • If it was a self-defense situation (which I think would apply to rabies but prosecutors wouldn’t like) you are probably covered.

        I deal with it by not living in a leftist-controlled city.


  1. A revolver with .22 Colibri from Aguila. Quiet as a BB gun but packs more than enough punch to take down a raccoon at 20 feet. Works for me.


  2. Get the “large” crowbar , legal and effective. Also , as a companion piece , the shovel with a sharp edge.

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