Lot’s of Organizations Are Holding Active Shooter Drills

This is a fairly long article, with lots of technical details about the test, as it comes from a publication geared for police. Campus response: Lessons learned from an active shooter exercise.

But there was one part of the article I found most interesting. About how 911 dispatchers are going to be overloaded in the event of an active shooter situation.

The one unrealistic part was that the number of people who called or texted their emergency was limited to the number of role players participating in the exercise. In an actual event, the number of calls will increase exponentially, which will likely overwhelm dispatch even faster than it happened in this exercise. Should future exercises want to better test their dispatch system, role players who are witnesses and concerned citizens should also be recruited to call the exercise dispatch center.

While there were several dispatchers participating in the exercise, in reality, the campus usually only has one dispatcher working at a time.

The recommendation is that somehow, calls/texts need to be able to be routed to other agencies to help with the number of calls.