Sounds Like Theft or Extortion

So a cop makes a “mistake” and it costs you 1100 bucks? No, that doesn’t sound like a problem. Woman says CPD towed her car by mistake and now she must pay to get it back.

Cop types in the wrong plate number, so of course it doesn’t come back matching the vehicle. And cops NEVER make mistakes so he sees no reason to double check. He just has the vehicle towed.

Cambray said she was told she has to pay $1,170 to get her car back.

Cambray is a single mom with three kids and doesn’t have the money.

“I want my car back,” she said. “This is my only way of getting to work, getting my kids to school. I need my vehicle.”

She was told “pay up, and file a claim.” Bets on whether the vehicle was damaged when it was towed?

How do you say “racket” with a Chicago accent?