Antisemitism in Europe on the Rise

Not surprising (or new) but this is a great summary. Rampant Jew-Hatred Infects Europe, UK in the wake of mass Muslim immigration.

  • Berlin – Europe’s antisemitism capital.
  • WATCH: Online anti-Semitism sweeps France at levels not seen before
  • Antisemitic incidents in UK at record high for third year in a row.
  • Record high antisemitic incidents in the UK for 2018
  • ‘We Fled From Antisemitism’: French Jewish Woman Recalls Her Family’s 2017 Ordeal in Major TV Interview

Each one of those bullet points is a linked article or a video.

Click thru for the photos at least. They are disturbing.

2 thoughts on “Antisemitism in Europe on the Rise

    • After what happened in Pittsburgh you would think that people would wake up, but they haven’t.

      Israel has had something like 3 school shootings in the past 40 years. They have security in the schools. So I guess that works.


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