Having Insurance Is NOT the Same As Having Health Care

All health care in Canada is paid for by the state. Universal insurance coverage. Too bad they can’t get actual health care. Glace Bay ER rarely open in 2019: Temporary closures due to lack of available doctors: NSHA .

In January, the ER was only open for 10 day shifts out of 31 days and it was closed every night.

In December, the emergency department was closed for 14 day shifts and open for 17 but it was closed for all 31 night shifts.

So far in February, it closed at 7 p.m. on Feb. 1 and isn’t scheduled to reopen until Feb. 18 at 7 a.m.

There are no doctors available to cover these shifts, according to Nova Scotia Health Authority Eastern Zone spokesperson Greg Boone.

Say it again – there are no doctors available for the Emergency Room.

If you are smart enough to be a doctor, you are smart enough to have other options. And being tied up with one of the largest bureaucracies in your country may not be appealing. The situation is that there are 3 hospitals that have closed their ERs and are sending people to the “regional” hospital. So you say, “Problem solved!” But that longer drive causes problems for their 911 service – the ambulances spend more time on the roads, and the regional hospital has a lot of delays, because now they are stuck with lots of “extra” patients in their ER.

4 thoughts on “Having Insurance Is NOT the Same As Having Health Care

  1. If the only thing government did was pay for the consultation, I might not have an issue with that. Should the government tell me what kind of medical care I can receive, that would be different.


  2. Zendo Deb, you misunderstand me. I was saying that government paying for my medical care (through my tax dollars) would not be an issue if I could select the medical care provider of my choice instead of the government telling me who it had to be. There is a difference between the government telling me who I had to see and government paying the bill.


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