The 33 Billion Dollar Train That Couldn’t

Couldn’t be built for 33 or 77 or maybe even 100 billion dollars, that is. (And yes, that is Billion, with a capital “B.” This Train Won’t Leave the Station: If high-speed rail can’t make it in California, it can’t make it anywhere.

In the face of cost overruns, and sliding tax revenues, California Governor Newsom canceled most of the high speed rail in California.

This effectively puts an end to former governor Jerry Brown’s “legacy” project, the lone tangible accomplishment for a second gubernatorial stint that had been far better at raising taxes and imposing draconian legislation than building things. Brown wanted to build his beloved train in a state with some of the nation’s worst roads (despite its second-highest gas taxes), a deteriorating water-delivery system, and massive pension debt. With Brown finally in retirement, Newsom took the opportunity to free up billions of dollars that his Democratic allies would like to spend in other ways.

This probably is also bad news for the Green New Deal. But don’t expect the Liberal Left to acknowledge that.